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Marketing QuarterBack Consulting - Ottawa, Ohio
Tom Liebrecht is the CEO of Marketing Quarterback Consulting and a resident of Ottawa, Ohio. His passion is producing bottom-line results for clients. That means generating new business, new revenues and growth.

In today's marketing environment, the opportunities to grow a quality product or service for a business are better than ever. However, that environment is constantly changing and increasingly competitive. Marketing has evolved dramatically in the last 10 - 15 years. The internet has been the biggest game changer. An advertisement in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper probably won't deliver the results they once did. You must take advantage of all marketing opportunities and formulate the right mix of marketing ingredients to be successful in your industry.

Tom and his team of professionals at Marketing QuarterBack Consulting help clients formulate and implement genuine and unique strategies, plans and tactics that take advantage of today's marketing opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. 

Using his 25+ years of business experience, Tom believes in adhering to the fundamentals of business while embracing creativity in order to make a business distinctive and its message clear. It's an approach that continues to produce positive results time and time again.

Marketing QuarterBack Consulting is taking small and medium-size businesses to another level by quarterbacking their marketing efforts. Clients become highly competitive by running a specific game plan tailored to their business and targeted to their customers.

Marketing QuarterBack Consulting helps client just like a professional NFL quarterback helps the owner of a team and the head coach. They do this by learning about a client's business and understanding the competition. Then, strategies and plans are formulated and implemented that produce winning results.

Sometimes clients ask Marketing QBC to do everything, essentially becoming their marketing departments. Other times, clients ask Marketing QBC to assist their employees in executing the marketing game-plan. There are also occassions where clients simply want Marketing QBC to evaluate their current operations, supply fresh ideas and advise them from the sidelines.  Whatever the case may be, Marketing QBC is here to serve clients in whatever capacity they need.   

That's who Marketing QBC is and what we do. We are experienced. We are versatile. We get things done on time and on budget. We are loyal to our clients and most of all, we deliver them results.

Learn more and see the list of clients we serve by visiting our website at www.marketingQBC.com
Marketing QuarterBack Consulting
916 E. 5th Street
Ottawa, Ohio 45875

(419) 615-1303

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